Interview: darkgod


Today’s interview is with Tales of Maj’Eyal developer darkgod.


1) What are your favorite roguelikes right now(maximum of let’s say…5)?

Am I allowed to say ToME ?
Other than that, I’m playing some Don’t Starve these days. Not much else, no time and many roguelikes have a terrible UI I can’t get myself to use

2) What do you love about the fantasy genre?

Everything is possible!

3) Do you make enough through donations to live off of developing ToME these days?

No :/ But it does help a lot and allows me to pay the artists too

4) You recently released a steamtech UI as DLC for ToME on Steam, with it claiming to foreshadow a future DLC including steamtech and guns! Can you shed more light on what that future DLC will have for us?

Steamy Maiming !
Learn more about the orcs!
Nasty rotating saws in place of shields!
A new race of nasty foes and then .. some darker things!
Mix arcane forces and technology!
Take revenge on the Sunwall!
Did I mention stylish leather hats?!
And so much more

5) To follow up on that. Will that DLC be only for donors and those who purchased the game on Steam, or will you add some to the free game and have extra for those who donated?

Undecided yet, while the main game will always be free, this is more akin to a different game so it may be a pay-only DLC. It takes lots of resources to create so ..

6) The game is critically acclaimed in the roguelike community, and you yourself have many fans who love your work and you as a person. How do you stay humble despite all the praise?

Humble? Me, the DarkGod? ;)
More seriously, by continuously mingling with my players, it keeps your head on !

7) Can you tell us which new species will be included in the game in the future, if any?

Well orcs will be playable in the orcs DLC (obvisously), along with yetis and maybe one more.
Trolls, nagas, spiderkin, more undeads are all planned in future DLCs too.

8) If you could take any three roguelike developers to work for you with ToME, which three would you choose?

None, not because they are not good; there are many great RL devs out there; but because I think a project needs one head.
Benevolent dictatorship I believe it is called

9) Where do you see Tales of Maj’Eyal being in ten years?

Played by a few billions of people, obviously!

10) What is your personal opinion on Dwarf Fortress? Do you think they should take the next step and add real graphics, mouse support, and other accessibility features?

Disclaimer: I’ve played it like 10 minutes.
DF and any RL with a crappy UI should always consider making the UI better. This is 2014, people expect mouse support and a readable interface.
Graphics is a different matter and is mostly style IMO, but presentation is utterly vital.

11) What is something about you that people don’t know?

Sometime I manage to find time to sleep!

12) By estimate, how many hours a week do you work on the game on average?

That’s a hard question, it really varies but I’d say on average, *per day* about 4 to 8 hours

13) What are you favorite music artists/bands?

Rhapsody of Fire

14) Why should those wishing to develop a roguelike use the T-Engine?

Because it will provide them with all the “unfun” bits like low level display handling, portability, saves, … while not imposing any choices of gameplay.

15) Are there any somewhat popular/loved roguelikes that you just can’t stand to play personally? If so, which ones?
Any that has a non-modern UI (so many .. :/ )
16) If you could use one ability/spell from your game in real life, which would it be?
See The Threads!
It lets you life 3 different possible futures and then choose which you prefer to become reality.
17) What are some hobbies of yours outside of video games?
Reading, coding (other things than games), hanging out with friends, science/astronomy
18) What are your favorite novels?
There are so many .. hum
Most terry pratchet ones, most peter hamilton ones
19) Do you search for ToME reviews once in a while? If so, do you get frustrated with negative reviews of the game(if such reviews exist, if they don’t, pretend!)?
I have not seen a bad review yet I must admit; but I get some critisisms over some parts of the game obviously and I handle it by trying to make it better :)
20) We saw the ASCII Dreams Roguelike of the Year voting get hacked a bit this year. Have you considered putting together a more secure poll or ‘trending’ roguelike system yourself?
I have put out ideas how to do it; but I wont do it myself, not enough time nor interest.

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